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Tips on scratching off your map: 

1. Have clean dry hands before starting, your oils can transfer to the foil. 

2. Avoid rubbing your arm against other areas of the map as you scratch, watches, bracelets, sleeves etc. can scratch the foil. 

3. You do not need to push hard as you scratch off the map. Using the guitar pick or any other smooth edge (such as the edge of a credit card) can be used to gently scratch away the material. 

4. Blow or shake off excess scratch off material and then wipe off any remaining flakes with a microfiber cloth. It's best not to use your hand for the same reasons listed above as rings or bracelets can scratch the material. 


Hanging the frame: 

1. Your frame will come with two pieces that each will come apart having 4 pieces total. 

2. The piece with the string goes on top of the map. Pull apart the bar and place one piece behind the poster and then gently place the other piece on top, magnetizing together.  If it needs a little movement, gently move the bar, if it requires a lot of movement, I would take it apart and try again to avoid damaging the paper or map. 

3. Repeat this process for the bottom piece of the frame. 

You can watch the end of the video above to see how the frame is attached.