About Kristin

I am a wife, mother of 3, business owner and artist. I have been drawing/painting for as long as I can remember. I was blessed with an artistic mother who encouraged my love for art. I love buying new art supplies and trying out all the new things!

Besides art, I love to travel and anything outdoor. My favorites are wake surfing and golfing.


About Waypoint Wanders


Waypoint naturally fell into place out of a love of travel, art, and a poor newly wed that wanted to create something beautiful for her walls. I didn't seek out creating a business. I just wanted something for myself and at the time (2014) there was nothing out there like what I had in mind.

So I handmade some scratch off paint and tested out all sorts of materials and made the messiest scratch map you would have ever seen. But that imperfect scratch off map is what started it all. My friends saw it and asked for one of their own and soon enough I was created hundreds of hand painted scratch off maps. Yes... you heard me right, hand painted. I did this for the first couple years of my business until I decided that I wanted to grow into more.


7 years later we are now a small team working hard to produce original, creative, quality maps. I have had a lot of people try and copy my work since starting. Having felt what it feels like to have your work copied. I work really hard to be on the cutting edge of design and ideas. I am constantly working to create the highest quality out there and always thinking of fresh ideas for what we can do next.

I never imagined where this business would take me but I have loved (almost) every minute of it.



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