Pregnant in Vegas - Worth it or no?


To start I'll preface that we don't drink, so I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything there. As far as everything else goes.  It was fun to experience it once, but I don't think I'd ever do it again pregnant and heres why:

Way too much attention!!!
If you are considering going to Vegas pregnant, be prepared to feel like you are the only pregnant person there... because you almost are. Be ready for more attention than you've ever received in your life. You would think you would slide by unnoticed by all the distractions in the street, but apparently half naked women have nothing on a fully clothed pregnant woman. My husband thought I was being dramatic saying that I felt everyone was looking at me.  We got some good laughs in after he paid attention to see and came to my same conclusion... that all eyes were on me.

Vegas is not built for pregnant women 
We stayed at the Encore. We spent a lot of time walking from the encore to the wynn and through the stores there to stay out of the heat. There are no benches or seats anywhere! They want you sitting down where you'll be spending your money. 

The pools had NO shade unless you paid for it.  This one got my blood boiling.  There was a 21 and older pool with a comfy shaded bar and if you fought for it a little bit of shade in the pool. But the family pool literally had zero shade.  I watched as moms with new babies walked around looking for shade for their little ones and unless you paid the $700 for the umbrella or the $1000 for the cabana you were completely out of luck. 

LOTS of walking!! Normally I haven't had a problem with walking and our last few babymoons were spent hiking in Kauai, Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  But I've had problems with my hips still from Walker's delivery and this pregnancy has killed me.  Walking would normally have been faster than trying to catch an Uber or a taxi and we found ourselves paying lots and taking way longer. Or not wanting to wait in the big line and ending up walking home in pain.  It was just a lot and was a frustration for the both of us.

Now for the benefits

So many laughs! We really got a lot of laughs at me waddling through town or the comments we got. It was hard to not see the irony in our situation and we really enjoyed the entertaining aspect of laughing it off. 

Spa! We both spent 5 hours at the spa, separately, just soaking in the relaxation and turning our brains off.  It was so refreshing 


Worth it or No?

I probably would have picked a different trip if I could do it again.  It was fun and it was warm so still loved it.  One babymoon we went to Sedona and Tucson.  I kind of wished we would have just gone to Arizona again. I'm not a big city person so Vegas wouldn't be top of my list pregnant or not pregnant. 


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